Petaluma Guitar Lessons

Local guitar lessons for Beginners

My name is Perry and I am a professional classical and electric guitarist performing and recording in the Dallas area. I studied with Robert Guthrie at SMU for many years, as well as Brad McLemore of "Soul Food Cafe" and professional jazz musician Chuck Pangburn at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts.

I am familiar with all styles. I teach using a foundation in classical/flamenco style and technique. I have found that for my own career as a recording artist in both the classical, acoustic and electric guitar fields that the classical/flamenco styl

es are the most useful for developing and training the hands to become a consummate professional.

I teach beginner to advanced students of any age. I also can provide pro and amateur electric guitarists an in-depth study of correct hand postures and left-hand/right-hand technique which can help to refine their overall technique and stylistic approach. I can also advise professional electric guitarists on their electronics, effects pedals, and amplifiers to achieve their own individual sound. I also teach Bass, and reading the Bass clef.

My teaching specialties include: Solfeggio, Sight Reading, Music Theory, Scales and Modes, Left and Right Hand Technique, Blues Progressions, Jazz Standards the Classical Repertoire, Flamenco techniques and repertoire, and the works of Sor, Giuliani, and Carcassi, Brouwer, Aguado, Villa-Lobos, Sabicas and Paco de Lucia.

I have an in-depth knowledge of the stylistic approaches and techniques of such guitarists as Eric Johnson, Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, Randy Rhoads, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, and SRV to name a few, and I can teach you the components they use to build their signature licks.

As a rule I only transcribe to give the students examples for lessons. I intend for all of my students to grow as musicians, so my lessons do not consist solely of transcribed solos and riffs.

I have a vast library of music, so I can draw from my own resources to teach you, or from a method of your choosing.

My schedule has a few openings right now. I do teach outside of my stated teaching radius, but ONLY at the 60 minute rate.

I teach people of all ages, from children to adults. I believe everyone is on an even keel, if they are willing and eager to learn.

*** Lesson Details ***
Emphasis on classical posture and technique.
Emphasis on sight-reading.
All students learn to play basic blues and jam
Technique varies depending on the particular style the student wishes to learn.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I presently don't teach in my home studio. I can bring a folding music stand or extra footstool if necessary.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can provide a limited number of learning materials such as copied exercises, listening or practicing CD on occasion. However, I feel that it is the student's responsibility to provide their own guitars, and the bulf of their own learning materials and necessary electronic equipment. This can include footstools, music stands, method books, amps, cables, pedals, etc.

*** Specialties ***
I've been playing guitar for more than 20 years, and this has given me the time to study, perform, and perfect many styles of guitar playing.

I studied classical and flamenco guitar with Robert Guthrie for 4 years before and after my studies in the SMU program. I've also played in jazz and rock ensembles since the age of 14. I studied with Chuck Pangburn, pro jazz cat, and Brad McLemore, an indie rock songwriter, early on in my studies as an adolescent.

I encourage most students to learn to play on a classical or nylon-string guitar early on in order to develop proper technique, posture, sensitivity, and sensibility. I also encourage all students to learn to sight-read at a very early point in their studies. Once, this hurdle is cleared many other challenges are easily surpassed.

Presently, I am developing a new method which incorporates solfeggio, blues and popular music forms, and improvisational playing. I also am exploring the vanguard of new guitar technology such as the Moog Guitar, analog effects, and various guitar synthesizers.

I try to introduce an understanding of music theory early on so that students develop a full comprehension of not only the written language of music, but also the sonic-aural language of music.

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Guitar Lessons for Beginners
Guitar Lessons for Beginners
beginner bass guitar lesson bound for the floor local h
beginner bass guitar lesson bound for the floor local h ...
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