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Primary Music lesson plans

Day 2 of Charanga – whole school lovin it! Song practice rocked! My own repertoire blown out the window with Don't Stop … Mamma Mia … Livin' on a Prayer … Fantastic resources around each song – recorders y3 loved Mamma Mia - y4 recorders Adele …
Rhythm grid excellent.

Music has just raised its game!

Jayne Brian, Instrumental Teacher

Musical School has given my staff the confidence and the resources to deliver exciting music lessons. The sessions are quick and easy to organise and can successfully be taught by non-music specialists. The children clearly enjoy the dynamic, fun and stimulating sessions and our teachers are learning valuable new skills.

Julie Brown, Headteacher

I think Charanga is absolutely fantastic. I use the rhythm grids as a starter activity in all my classes and the pupils' understanding of rhythm, the accuracy with which they perform has really improved. I use the recorder course with my clubs and they love all the songs. This half term I'm also teaching the hip hop topic with my y6s and it's going really well. I look forward to some more exciting resources.

Yvette Cooper, Music Teacher

I just really wanted to contact you to let you know how amazed I am with the quality of the resources I recently received from you. Everytime I access the website I find new resources which I know the children I work with will love and which are highly engaging teaching tools.

The lesson plans and resources which come with the platinum pack certainly do not disappoint in any way! I simply cannot believe how much work has gone into the creation of this amazing resource, which in my opinion all music teachers should be accessing! I know that over my years in teaching I have invested in many expensive resources – none of which are in the same league as the inspira resources.

I am an Advanced Skills Teacher for Music and will whole heartedly be recommending inspira to all the schools and organisations I work with, and the teachers I support, as an outstanding resource.

Many congratulations to you and your team. Should you ever need a formal reccommendation, I would be very happy to oblige.

James Gregory, Music Teacher

I am a year 4 class teacher and even I have the confidence to deliver music using these resources … they are brilliant and the kids love them!

Year 4 Teacher

… so exciting to have access to materials that can engage pupils throughout the entire school!

Music Co-ordinator

Just to let you know the children loved the resources – particularly the rhythm and beat cartoons! We followed the grids and then I got the children creating their own rhythms using a paper based grid! They were extremely engaged and enjoyed performing to each other!

Now about to borrow some Michael Rosen clips for my poetry unit!

Thanks once again, such a priceless resource!

Rachel Elvin, Primary Teacher

New Charanga – it’s fabulous!! The kids have really enjoyed the units and the staff are delighted.

Julie Dorr, Primary Music Curriculum Support Consultant

We have been using Charanga for almost 2 years now and have found it a great resource for introducing our Primary school children to a range of musical disciplines. Its lesson plans are comprehensive, easy to follow and most important of all … fun. In addition, this is all supported by a great technical support team.

Phil Morgan, Primary Teacher

I just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying Charanga Musical School. I decided to trial it across the whole school: KS1 is accessing Hands, Feet, Heart; Years 3&4 In the Groove and Years 5&6 Don’t Stop Believing. All the children are enjoying the different activities. A definite thumbs up from Upper Beeding.

Lesson Plan With Examples Video
Lesson Plan With Examples Video
Lesson Plan on World Music
Lesson Plan on World Music
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