Voice lessons for Beginners

Image titled Sing Step 5Begin with breathing exercises. Breathing exercises will allow you to better control the pitch and duration of your singing. It's no surprise: singers who can breathe deeply and consistently get better mileage out of their voice.

  • Practice opening your throat opening. Relax and open the jaw like a fish might out of water. Start flexing your facial muscles a little bit in between.
  • Try the following breathing exercise before you warm up:
  • Begin by inhaling a couple deep breaths of air. Imagine that the air is really heavy as you breathe it in.
  • Let the breath fall below your belly button, into your diaphragm. Exhale and repeat several times.
  • Get a light pillow-feather and practice keeping it in the air, sort of like you're juggling a feather with your air stream. Gradually blow the feather really high up, and try keeping it there.
  • Don't let your chest collapse as you keep the feather in the air.Image titled 149293 2 Try to keep the air stream coming from your diaphragm.
  • Next, start warming up. Your vocal chords are a muscle, just like your biceps, and need to get stretched before you do any heavy lifting. You can warm up in a variety of ways.
  • Practice your major scales, starting with the middle C, moving down in half-steps before moving up. Don't push yourself before you're actually singing, and try to move slowly. As you continue to warm up, you'll get better at articulating all the notes in the scales.
  • The notes that you will hit start off as C-D-E-F-G-F-E-D-C and move either up or down one half-step for each new scale.
  • Image titled 149293 3Find your range. Your range is the measure of pitches you can sing between your lowest and highest notes. Try any number of classical musical scales (you can easily find them with a simple online search) and see which notes on the bottom and which notes on the top are impossible for you to clearly sing.

    Try singing along to a song that you like with a voice recorder nearby. Make sure the music is quiet and your voice is the real thing that the recorder picks up. After you're done singing, check if you are singing on key. Also check to see if you are:

  • Articulating words, especially vowels, clearly. In the beginning, over-articulate the words; really practice on getting them right.
  • Breathing correctly. Hard vocal parts will require you to stretch your voice out over a longer period of time. You'll need to be a strong breather for this.
  • Drink plenty of water. Drink lukewarm water for best results, as this will loosen your vocal chords. Give your body time to absorb the water. Avoid dairy products or thick drinks such as smoothies immediately before singing.

    Practice daily. Every day, practice your breathing exercises, warm-up routine, and recorded singing. Listen for parts that you don't hit with your voice and keep chugging. It could take several weeks of practice just to get a single song down pat.

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    Voice Lessons for Beginners Women - 3 Quick Simple Singing
    Voice Lessons for Beginners Women - 3 Quick Simple Singing ...
    Singing lesson - Voice Exercise (For Beginners)
    Singing lesson - Voice Exercise (For Beginners)
    Voice Lessons For Beginners
    Voice Lessons For Beginners
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