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After rock vocal lessons that will teach you to sing with a BANG?

Do you need to learn how to sing loud, powerful notes? And have that “edge” that defines the great rock singers, yet be able to do it all easily?

How would you like to learn how to sing sky scraping high notes, with tremendous power but absolute ease?

You can learn how to do all these things. No matter what state your singing is in now, you can build your voice up to being a rock and roll powerhouse.

There is a certain style of “learning to sing” that can transform even the “tiniest” voice into a singing monster that can blow an audience away.

You see, to sing better there are certain processes and muscles that need to be developed.For example, there are a tiny set of muscles that sit next to your vocal chords. These muscles are called your “inner larynx” muscles. And these are the muscles that control your vocal chords when you sing.

If you have the singing exercises that will build up these tiny muscles, and build correct coordination into them, then you will become an excellent singer.

While most singing exercises out there actually prevent you from ever developing these muscles correctly, there are exercises that do this very effectively.

For example, if you “cry” the word “Waaaaahhhhh” (like a baby) on a note, you will feel that it’s fairly easy to sing this way.

Go ahead. Try it now. Choose a note in your range, and sing “Waahhhh” on this note. Make it really whiney… almost like you’re crying on it.

Can you feel how easy it feels, Amazing!

If you didn’t quite get it, don’t worry. It’s a little hard to explain the exercise without actually demonstrating it to you… but in a second I’ll show you where you can get a whole library full of rock vocal lessons that will train your voice to function correctly. And when you do this you will have all the power… all the volume… all the “guts” you need in your voice to rock out and really blow people away.

The bad news is that there is so much bad vocal instruction out there that actually encourage bad singing technique, and it’s hard to know which instruction can be trusted.

I can tell you… the first few years of my singing career was incredibly frustrating. I went around to many teachers, and invested in thousands of dollars of vocal instruction. Yet most of this effort on my part reaped miserable results. My voice became so “bound up” with terrible singing technique that I thought I’d never “break free”.

Here is the good news…

There are rock vocal lessons that can make a difference in your voice. A big difference.

After my long search for good singing information I finally discovered a set of instructions that not only “sound right” but get results with your singing very quickly. These are the exercises that led my voice out of all my troubles, and to vocal freedom.

You can learn more about these rock vocal lessons on this page. If you want to really “rock out” and have a massive presence with your voice, you need to learn good technique. There are no two ways about it. If you aren’t singing correctly, you will “push” your voice until it won’t even work anymore.

Trust me. I almost had to have an operation at one point because my technique was so wrong that I was beginning to develop vocal nodules.

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