Bass Lessons NYC

My Skype lessons with Scott have been great and make it possible for me to have top quality instruction that fits my busy schedule. Its great having an internet lesson from a real person!

Kevin Lampson

Within our first month of study together, Scott Lee had me feeling ready to succeed in a number of imminent, professional performances. Scott's strengths include tireless patience, versatile practice techniques, general enthusiasm, and an attitude of personal & musical freedom. He continues to endow both my playing and professionalism with enough confidence for any musical situation (or life in general!).

Tynan Hooker-Haring

Scott conveys the true essence of music, which at its heart is communication. He goes beyond notes on a page to encompass the entirety of life and how we may bring our own unique experiences, personalities and musical histories to how and what we play. Scott has been instrumental in guiding me to find my own musical voice. Studying with Scott makes playing music a joy!

An extraordinarily well-rounded musician, he is completely at home in any musical context. His ability to breakdown and simplify the building blocks of music has allowed me to gain a firm command over the language, and prepared me for working as a professional bass player in NYC.

Jamie Mohamdein

Taking lessons with Scott has been a great experience for me. Not only did he teach me how to play upright bass with solid technique, he helped me delve into the realm of open improvisation, strengthened my jazz chops, taught me how to play with the bow, and gave me great tips on how to make it as a working musician! And above all else he's a great guy and knows how to laugh! It's probably a combination of all of this that puts a big smile on my face after every lesson.

Nathaniel Sabat, Upright Bass Student, Berklee College of Music

My lesson with Scott Lee is one of the things i look forward to most. Every lesson gives me a chance to grow as both a musician and a human being. It's never a drag to practice for his lessons because he approaches teaching with such a positive energy which really inspires and motivates me to improve.

Riley Shaak

Throughout my time of studying jazz bass with Scott Lee, he has shown me how to be a good musician and a good person. Scott Lee does not just teach music, he teaches life lessons.

Mike Hagarman

Anyone can teach music, but only a Scott Lee can help you comprehend life as a professional musician.

Austin Kruczek

Professor Lee has given me invaluable ways to look at music on a molecular level. His sensibility for instruction and inspiration has helped rewire my understanding of music and potential.

Benya Barshai

Studying with Scott was a life changing privilege. His expertise on music, the acoustic bass, and on life would make anyone a better musician, and person.

motorcycle lessons by marcomotolessons since 1973 in NYC
motorcycle lessons by marcomotolessons since 1973 in NYC ...
Bass Lesson: Easy Reggae Line
Bass Lesson: Easy Reggae Line
Stefan Lessard - Live In NYC (solo) (DMB Bassist)
Stefan Lessard - Live In NYC (solo) (DMB Bassist)
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