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Metal Bass Lessons

Mile High Shred
is about giving
students lessons uniquely designed
​for each individual.​



  • Learn rock and metal on guitar or bass
  • Learn how to play your favorite songs
  • Learn the chords and scales used by your favorite bands
  • Be able to create the music you want and record it
  • Play faster than you ever thought possible
  • Have the ability to get on stage and play like a rock star
  • Learn only what you want at your pace
  • Lessons can be done in person or on Skype
Learn exactly what you want on guitar and bass. Just say your goals and you'll be shown exactly how to make your dreams of playing a reality.

There are no boring book courses you have to follow. Nobody learns the same way, so having a strict curriculum would not allow for your best and fastest growth as a musician. Besides, if you are already intermediate or advanced in playing, why would you need to start off learning stuff you already know? The answer is you don't, and you won't have your time wasted here by covering material that does not help you progress.

No group lessons are offered here. Only one on one, private sessions. This way of learning prevents students from getting frustrated if they are not learning as fast as others, and keeps students from getting bored if they learn faster than most. The individual lessons ensure that you are always learning at your pace.

​Every lesson is designed to fit your needs and goals as a musician. The goal with every lesson is to make them fun and informative. If you ever don't like the direction a lesson is going, all you have to do is say so. We'll find a better approach better suited for you!

  • Want to learn songs? You will learn songs from your favorite bands.
  • Want to create your own music? You will learn how to write your own songs. You can even record them here!
  • Want to create heavy bass lines?You will learn how to stay in rhythm with the drums, know what notes fit well with the guitar, and be able to make every song sound complete.​
  • Want to be able to shred and solo on your guitar? You will learn all the scales and techniques needed to play solos just like your heroes and be able to create your own unique sound.​​
  • Is your goal to play in a band? You will learn all the music theory you need to hold your own in any band you join. We will even talk about stage performance and setting up exciting set lists.

A special bonus all students receive are weekly video recaps.
Video recaps are video demonstrations showing you exactly what was taught in class so you always have something to watch in between your lessons in case you ever have trouble remembering how to play something.

Bass Metal PT1: A Bass Lesson Everyday # 164
Bass Metal PT1: A Bass Lesson Everyday # 164
The Bass Terrorists - Lesson #15: How to play death metal
The Bass Terrorists - Lesson #15: How to play death metal
easy bass guitar lesson enter sandman metallica
easy bass guitar lesson enter sandman metallica
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