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Bass, Ukulele Lessons

classic guitar and electric guitar
  • Acoustic Guitar Lessons

    Learn strumming, picking, finger-style, etc... in any style of music. We are very comfortable teaching children to adult students at any skill level, from absolute beginners to advanced players.

  • Electric Guitar Lessons

    There is a myth out there that you need to start with acoustic guitar. That is simply not true. Many of our students started on electric guitar and thrived. Learn to play rock, pop, blues, jazz, metal, and more on one of the most versatile instruments around.

  • Classical Guitar Lessons

    Learn traditional classical guitar technique. Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, etc... Students would need to have a "classical, " nylon stringed guitar to study. The classical style is very exacting, specific and takes a lot of dedication to master.

  • Bass Guitar Lessons

    There is ALWAYS a gig for a bass player. Most people go for the six-string guitar since it gets a bit more of the spotlight, but playing bass is a lot more fun than you think! It's kind of like getting to play lead guitar all the time, as you constantly walk your fingers up and down the neck.

  • Ukulele Lessons

    It's fun, extremely portable, and easy to play! Ukulele is a great instrument for all ages including young children and it's also quite inexpensive compared to other instruments. I personally think everyone should take Ukulele lessons in Austin! Fun Fact: It's how Jimi Hendrix started!

Child Guitar Lessons

Parents often ask us what the youngest age to start learning guitar is, and our standard answer is 6 years old. Many guitar schools only accept students who are few years older than that, but we at Strum Music School believe that 6 is often a good age to start. This is because by this age, most children’s hands have enough finger strength to handle the instrument and the basic dexterity it requires. It's all about teaching songs that are FUN, and not beyond the capabilities of the child, so they have a realistic goal they can reach and feel good about, to reinforce their interest in music.

Adult Guitar Lessons

If you are an adult in Austin and have always wanted to play the guitar, we offer guitar and ukulele lessons that you'll find fun and straight to the point. Give us a chance and we'll prove to you that it's more fun and easier to learn than you ever thought it could be. This is not a sales pitch... If you practice, the average adult can play a few basic songs in 90 days. And it's never too late to start. We've had several students take their first guitar lesson even after retiring! And by the way, not only do our instructors work very well with beginners, they are very comfortable teaching students at intermediate and advanced skill levels.

2013 Recital - Austin, TXFun, Enjoyment, Confidence, Discipline, Memory, Patience, General Self Esteem and More.

So you live in Austin, and you're interested in learning how to play the Guitar?

Whether you're looking to strum, swing, groove, rock-out, or shred, we've got you covered. Learn to read tablature* (tabs), read music, or to play by ear in all styles of music. Lessons will be catered to your specific interests and needs. Learn to play your favorite songs, improvise, and how to write your own music by acquiring knowledge of music theory.

Flexibility of Lessons for All Ages

If you're looking for a private guitar lesson in Austin then Strum Music School has got you covered. We teach guitar lessons, bass lessons, and ukulele lessons to adults and children ages 6 and up. We've taught literally hundreds of students to play guitar since we opened in 2006 in Austin, TX and we’re quite proud of it. Learning guitar, bass, and ukulele has never been so easy and fun with our personalized teaching techniques. We have dedicated teachers who are able to provide the attention and care required to learn this wonderful instrument. Our guitar lessons at Strum Music School are also well suited for all skill levels and those with or without "natural" talent or ability.

Nurturing Talent

Teachers at Strum Music School are not only highly skillful in teaching techniques, but also act as role models to promote self-discipline and patience in their students. Having such a tutor is the best way of introducing yourself or your child to the world of stringed music. Kids are naturally attracted to certain musical instruments, and the guitar does not have a shortage of takers. That's why we only hire guitar instructors that are experienced in teaching children. If you want to nurture your dormant musical talent, then you can leave this job in the capable hands of the guitar teachers that teach at Strum Music School in Austin.

2012 Recital - Austin, TXMusic is Communal

Learning guitar and bass on your own is often a struggle for many adults and kids. However, with the proper teaching techniques, the learning journey becomes much easier, interesting and fun. Strum Music School prides itself on having the best teachers, who not only love music, but also are passionate about teaching and nurturing hidden musical talents. If you or your child is struggling with learning the guitar and needs proper coaching, contact us for guitar lessons in Austin, TX. We will not fail in impressing you with our drive and dedication.

It's Not Just About The Music

  • Learning The Guitar Can Be Rewarding

    Learning a new instrument like guitar can instill lifelong characteristics in someone that other hobbies simply cannot. This is the very reason why we enjoy sharing our knowledge with our students as much as we do. It's very rewarding for us to watch our students not only perfect their craft, but grow with their new found skill. Here are some areas we've noticed many of our students improve upon after taking guitar lessons at our school located in Austin: Fun, Enjoyment, Confidence, Discipline, Memory, Patience, General Self Esteem and More.

    The qualities above are only a small part of how our guitar lessons can help you or your child. Many students come to us with a passion for guitar and the will to learn, but have no discipline or patience. This can cause a problem as learning a new instrument can be somewhat tedious at times, but no fear, Strum Music School has helped hundreds of Austin guitar students overcome this challenge.

  • Why Our Austin Teachers Are Different

    Our teachers know these challenges all too well and know exactly how to motivate a student. By getting to know a student’s personal goals and acting as more of a motivator rather than an authoritative figure, we work to gain our students trust and build a base. And from that base, we accept weaknesses and take them in stride so that a student never feels discouraged. This builds an excellent, judge-free environment to learn and create while also helping students feel comfortable and confident with their new skill.

  • The Lasting Effects of Strum Guitar Lessons

    The last thing we want to happen is have a student come to one or two guitar lessons and then get discouraged or bored. We want our guitar lessons to be a highlight of your week rather than just another chore! Our goal is to have you feeling total confidence in your self and your guitar playing after each session. If not, we’ll work till we get you there. We've seen the benefits of learning guitar affect so many and we really strive to provide that for you or your child.

Take Guitar Lessons in Austin, The Live Music Capital of the World!

Austin, also called the Live Music Capital of the World, and has a rich history of guitar-based music. In almost all live performances of country and rock music, guitar and bass play an integral role. If you trace back the history of Austin’s live music, it started somewhere in the 1800s. This is when music became popular in German beer halls and gardens. The popularity of music in these electrifying places however reached its peak in the 40s and 50s with rock and country musical themes consuming most people’s interest. The most popular acts at that time were from Elvis Presley, Glenn Miller, and Hank Williams.

The Growth of Music During the 60s and 70s there was heightened interest in country music, mainly acts like Willie Nelson, Ernest Tubb, and Bob Wills. The psychedelic era was ushered in by Roky Erickson of 13th Floor Elevators fame, and The Vulcan became the popular venue in Austin. In the 70s, The Vulcan had changed to Armadillo World Headquarters featuring various genres, including rock music, jazz, and blues. All these genres prominently featured elements of guitar and bass. Austin had become a refuge for struggling musicians in the 70s, since there were receptive audiences in the many informal venues all over the city. The most popular venues influential in launching music careers were the Blues Club of Clifford Antone and Liberty Lunch. In the 80s, there was a resurgence of rock music, along with punk, ska, and indie. In all these genres, guitar, and bass played a prominent role.

Guitar Bass Ukulele Lessons
Guitar Bass Ukulele Lessons
All About That Bass - Ukulele Cover Lesson with Chords/Lyrics
All About That Bass - Ukulele Cover Lesson with Chords/Lyrics
Skype Guitar Bass and Ukulele Lessons with Jeffrey Thomas
Skype Guitar Bass and Ukulele Lessons with Jeffrey Thomas
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