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Reviewed By Shawn Bradshaw ( Founder)

If you have found your way to this bass dvd course review, you probably already know how hard it is to find good info on learning to play the bass guitar.

It’s easy to find bits and pieces of bass lessons out there, but it’s hard to find a solid bass learning system to help take you from zero to pro easily. Enter .

Teach Me Bass Guitar is a comprehensive 10 DVD bass lesson course by veteran Nashville bassist Roy Vogt. It includes 16 hours of step-by-step video bass lessons and a 162 page detailed color instruction manual in PDF format. (A spiral bound printed manual is also available)

The course is broken down in to 20 separate bass lessons and was filmed in a high quality wide screen format.

Your bass adventure begins in the “Chateau Groove”, a comfortable coffee house setting where Roy will be transferring his bass wisdom into your brain and fingers. Over the course of 20 different bass lessons, you will learn what it takes to hold down the low end of the music.

If you are brand new to the bass, you have come to the right place. You are going to start off with learning the basic parts of the bass and some finger exercises essential to developing the muscles you need to play.

If you have already been playing for a while, don’t think this is just a beginner bass dvd course. Far from it. Even if you already know your way around the neck, Roy is going to super charge your knowledge of the fretboard and bass playing in general.

Roy covers a very wide range of topics. From learning scales and arpeggios, to slapping and two handed tapping. You will also explore playing bass in different styles of music, from Jazz to Rock to Reggae.

Learning means nothing without Practice

Besides just learning about the various bass topics and ideas, it’s essential that you practice the material from the lessons in your course. And this is where Teach Me Bass Guitar really shines. The course includes multiple ways to help you practice the material.

The first is in the lessons themselves. Roy plays with you through the various songs and exercises at various speeds, often giving you tips and tricks along the way.

Animated Bass Fretboard 2Next is the “Loop Library” feature on the DVD’s. This can be accessed from the main menu, and within the lessons themselves. This is a very handy feature where you can practice with Roy on a particular exercise, and it automatically loops back to the beginning when finished. So you can practice an exercise multiple times without having to fight with your dvd player’s remote trying to rewind.

The third way this course helps you practice is probably the most fun. It’s playing along with some top Nashville session players. The songs are played at a few different speeds, both with Roy playing bass, and without.

When Roy steps away, you become the bass player in a great band and you have to hold your own…on your own. Don’t be afraid though, you are only a button away from starting a song over again if things get too crazy for you.

There are over 100 different play along videos for you to jam with to make practicing fun.

Animated on screen bass fretboard

One unique feature of the Teach Me Bass Guitar course is the on screen animated bass fretboard. You will not only be able to see Roy playing, but you will see the notes light up on the fretboard from the same perspective of you looking down at your left hand. So you can easily find where you are at any time.

Help is only a mouse click away

Included as part of your course is lifetime access to a membership website called Thunder Row. There you can ask questions as well as hang out with other bass players who are on the same journey as you.

Also on the DVD Roy actually gives out his email address where you can contact him personally if you get stuck along the way.

Are there limitations with Teach Me Bass Guitar?

Teach Me Bass Guitar is an A to Z Bass Learning system. But the truth is no one course can really be 100% comprehensive. Roy covers a lot of ground in this 16 hour course. But Roy also has a Master Degree in electric bass, and decades of professional playing experience. So can he give you all of that is just 16 hours? No.

So this course is a must have part of your bass learning library…but not the only part of it. Roy could have spent 16 hours talking about slap bass. But it was only one of the many topics he covers.

Also the course may seem a little expensive on first glance. But considering the cost of what single DVD bass instruction videos cost. This 10 DVD set is very reasonably priced. And if you really look at all the info that Roy has crammed into these DVDs, it’s really thousands of dollars worth of instruction. So if you look at it that way this is a steal.


If you are looking for one place where you can learn the tools you need to become a great bass player. This course is going to help you get to where you want to go. Roy can guide you, and make the practice fun and easier.

For more info about Teach Me Bass Guitar, visit their website. And go ahead and grab a copy of the course while you are there. They have a full 90 day return policy, so you have no worries if you find the course is not right for you

Have Fun!
–Shawn Bradshaw ( Founder)

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