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Starting your journey into Blues guitar is great fun! Blues is a language and learning to communicate and it's very easy to learn the basics and get 'talking' right away. This Essential Blues Lead Guitar Module will take you through the techniques, vocabulary, scales and concepts you'll need to start improvising and jamming the blues!

Welcome To The Essential Blues Lead Guitar (Module 1)

There are 13 lessons in this series (plus two BOUNS lessons on the DVD version). I recommend that you have completed the Intermediate Foundation Modules 3 & 4 before starting this, however if you've completed the Beginner's Course and keen to get going it wouldn't hurt to make a start - but I've written with the Intermediate guitar player in mind.

This module replaces the Blues Lead Guitar 1 course which was filmed long ago, way before I had HD video and was pretty new to the whole online lessons thing. This course is WAY better in pretty much every way.

BL-401 • The Blues Language
The Blues is a language. In this lesson we will explore how it works and I explain how this will feed into the lessons that follow - learning the alphabet and words and the 'accent' that make it sound authentic. This lesson is a big deal and will really help you make the most of this course.

BL-402 • The Minor Pentatonic Scale - Pattern 1
In this lesson we're checking out The Minor Pentatonic Pattern 1 (MPP1) and looking at how it's played, fingering options for the Blues (slightly different from the 'beginner' way!) and some of the common problems and misconceptions.

BL-403 • Bending Technique In Blues
Next we look at getting your string bending in tune and check out which notes you can bend in Pattern 1. Learning to bend in tune is absolutely essential if you want to play the blues!

BL-404 • Five Blues Licks Using The Minor Pentatonic Scale - Pattern 1
Now it is time to get some licks down, learn some words :) Using Minor Pentatonic Pattern 1. With just these five licks you'll be able to improvise some cool solos!

BL-405 • Blues Vibrato
Vibrato is what makes your guitar sing! It's a big deal and learning how to do it great will make even the simplest of licks sound incredible!

BL-406 • Using Blues Licks Effectively
Now you know some words, lets look at how to use them effectively to say something, to make poetry with your words and tell a story people want to hear!

BL-407 • The Minor Pentatonic Scale - Pattern 2
Once you can play a confident solo in Pattern 1, you probably want to start exploring other parts of the neck, so in this lesson we look at the next pattern up the neck which is called Pattern 2.

BL-408 • Five Blues Licks Using The Minor Pentatonic Scale - Pattern 2
As you should now know - you need to learn licks (words) in the scales, not just the scales - so here are five more licks, this time using Minor Pentatonic Pattern 2. Learn them and then use them :)

BL-409 • The Blues Curl on the Flat 3rd
Understanding the common blues 'accent' of the small 1/4 tone bend on the flat 3 scale degree will really add an authenticity to your playing. It's easy, sounds awesome and shouldn't take long to work into your playing!

New lessons released every Tuesday around 2pm UK time :)

DVD Set Only:

The notes for these lessons (TABs for the licks and GuitarPro for the Mixing Lead) are on the DVD, insert it into your computer to find the files!

In this bonus lesson I show you five flashy licks that are fast or too cool for school and will add some flair to your blues improvising!

I get loads of requests on how to do this so thought I'd share with you an exclusive video lesson on how develop this skill - it's loads of fun! Comes with a GuitarPro file you can use to jam along with!

Lead Guitar Lessons - Scales - Blues Scale - Blues Rock
Lead Guitar Lessons - Scales - Blues Scale - Blues Rock
Blues Guitar Lead & Rhythm Lesson
Blues Guitar Lead & Rhythm Lesson
Blues Guitar Lessons - Lead blues Guitar Lick - Free
Blues Guitar Lessons - Lead blues Guitar Lick - Free ...
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