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Focus: DJ will teach you the 12 bar blues with quite a few chord variations and turnaround options. You will also learn the minor pentatonic scale and how to use it for blues lead play. DJ will also teach you a few modern blues songs to help you master the techniques he teaches.

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Focus: Orville Johnson combines his amazing fingerstyle abilities with classic blues music. Orville will introduce you to the necessary concepts of fingerstyle and move on to teach classic blues tunes.

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Focus: Orville Johnson, an acoustic blues master, will delve into the world of slide guitar head first. He will discuss the slide, it's history and move on to teaching slide technique and related compositions.

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Focus: Slide guitar and Blues go way back, and have a rich heritage of complimenting each other. The slide is a wonderful way to add that "vocal" quality to your guitar playing as well. This technique can be used with all genres of music, but Eric will cover it within the world of Blues.

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Focus: Join Chris Liepe on an epic Blues journey. He will take a 3 minute Blues guitar solo, break it down and teach it lick by lick. By the end of this series your ability to play and understand Blues will increase substantially.

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Focus: This series covers an original Blues song titled "The Bitter Blues." The song was inspired by Led Zeppelin, and Jimmy Page, and as such is an excellent study in modern electric blues. Chris will break down the song into 30 easy to digest sections. Each section can be learned individually, and them combined into a full song.

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Focus: After reviewing some basics when it comes to the Blues, Hawkeye shares his knowledge from personal experience and one-on-one encounters with some of the greatest classic blues players ever to play! Learn some licks and hear fascinating inside information about some of these players that only a man who was there could deliver!

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Focus: Steve walks you through some of the most basic fingerstyle guitar techniques, including lessons for developing finger independence and walking basslines. He teaches these techniques in the context of timeless fingerstyle repertoire and famed fingerstyle songs..

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Focus: Fingerstyle expert and performing artist, Jim Deeming, brings over 30 years of playing experience and his beloved thumb-pick to this lesson series. From basic right hand technique to combining melodies, this is a great series to begin applying fingerstyle to your playing.

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Focus: In this series, Don Ross delivers his extensive knowledge on many aspects of fingerstyle guitar. Not forgetting beginners, he starts off his series with a manageable pace, covering the basics in-depth.

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Focus: Marcelo Berestovoy returns to JamPlay with his Fingerstyle Guitar series. He uses his one step at a time method to take you from novice to expert in no time!

10 Lessons Series Details

Focus: This series is all about fostering the ability for your fingers to play independent of each other. Mastering this skill will give your playing a living, organic feel and open up previously unimaginable doors. During this process you will also learn two of Don Ross' songs, both perfect for showing off to your family.

30 Lessons Series Details

Focus: Solo guitar... Different than guitar solos! The idea of being a self contained unit of chords and melody is a long, time honored tradition in guitar playing. Beginning with simple exercises and concluding with actual songs, Marcelo Berestovoy will give you the essentials to getting a real handle on the solo guitar and chord-melody style.

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Focus: Self-taught acoustic guitarist Erik Mongrain shows off some of his innovations in this Phase 2 Artist Series. Lessons include information about guitar setup, advanced harmonics, composition, and performance tips.

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Focus: While musically gifted and classically trained, Dennis Hodges can’t shake the metal bug. This popular series includes lessons on commonly used metal techniques such as palm muting, slides, bends, octaves, power chords and more.

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Focus: Kris Norris offers an array of ideas and lessons; from changing strings to advanced sweeping / legato techniques and soloing applications. Kris also offers conceptual lessons for song writing ideas and composition.

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Focus: Up and coming talent Emil Werstler brings you advanced lessons on lead techniques, style and theory applications. Emil's videos also include candid interviews about his background and the inspirations behind his playing.

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Focus: Lead guitarist for Animals As Leaders, Tosin Abasi brings his knowledge of extended range guitars to JamPlay, with detailed lessons on various picking styles and emulating bass with the 8 string instrument.

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Focus: Tyler will cover the spectrum of unique Bluegrass flatpicking techniques and demonstrate a wide array of Bluegrass flatpick song lessons.

25 Lessons Series Details

Focus: With over 50 lessons and 15 hours of instruction, Brad Henecke brings you the biggest and most comprehensive lesson series at JamPlay. This series begins by reviewing basic concepts, then progressing to advanced rock technique, scale applications, chord progressions and more.

54 Lessons Series Details

Focus: Matt Brown offers up 14 lessons in the realm of rock and roll. This series begins with lesson on proper practicing and scale theory basics, then moves into advanced playing applications such as soloing, improvisation and more.

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Guitar Lesson
Guitar Lesson
Country Guitar Lessons
Country Guitar Lessons
country guitar lessons online
country guitar lessons online
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