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Country guitar lessons for Beginners

Characterized by aggressive alternate/hybrid picking, double stops and strong blues influences - country is a style way too cool to miss out on.

  • Difficulty3

    A beginners guide to starting your journey into finger picking

    Tags: finger picking, acoustic, folk, travis...

  • Difficulty3

    Cowboys, watch your backs. This one's a bit heavy.

    Tags: chicken picking, hybrid picking, triple...

  • Difficulty6

    Country licks in all 12 Keys using double stops and chicken & flat picking

    Tags: chicken picking, country, albert lee...

  • Fundamental country rhythm style based in blues and rock. Covers palm muting, power chords in a country style, hybrid chicken picking, and some very useful pentatonic lines.

    Tags: dwight yokem, brad paisley, brent mason...

  • Difficulty4

    Merges elements of Surf and Rock with vintage country sounds.

    Tags: tuning key, bends, junior brown, jimi...

  • Get creative with this ethnic / folk / atmospheric lesson.

    Tags: country, folk, blues, D pentatonic minor

  • Difficulty5

    Covers a vintage 1940s/1950s Country and Western style guitar solo in contrast to a more modern chicken picking/telecaster sounds. It fuses ideas from Jazz and Blues such as playing modally, syncopated rhythms, and chromatic runs.

    Tags: Western, Hank Williams, chromatic...

  • Lap steel guitar using only equipment that you probably already have! No modification to your guitar required. Just a simple alternate tuning with your standard string gauges.

    Tags: lap steel, western, don helms, hank williams

Click to see more from the latest Country Guitar Lessons lessons (77 in total).

  • Difficulty7

    This is my first country lesson where you can find hybrid picking, alternate picking, slides and bendings.

    Tags: country, hybrid picking, alternate picking...

  • Difficulty8

    Techniques involved: alternate picking, "chicken" picking, use of open strings, bends.

    Tags: alternate picking, "chicken" picking, use...

  • Cool sounding slow-paced country solo in 3/4 time signature

    Tags: country, ballad, 3/4, bending

  • Alternate picking, pull-offs and hammer-ons, hybrid picking, "chicken" picking, bends and double bends, use of open strings, even "fake" steel guitar technique. Hop inside!

    Tags: alternate picking, pull-offs, hammer-ons...

  • This lesson is a fragment of one of my own compositions.

    Tags: country, funk, funklotimic, Saraceno...

  • A standard country progression packed full of killer riffs, some great improvisation tips and the theory that ties it all together

    Tags: Country, Chicken Picking, Hybrid Picking...

  • In this lesson we will look at many double stops and triplet style licks important to get a chicken picking sound.

    Tags: Chicken Picking, Double Stops, Country...

  • Difficulty5

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Guitar Lesson for Beginners
Guitar Lesson for Beginners
country guitar lessons for beginners acoustic easy songs
country guitar lessons for beginners acoustic easy songs
Easy Country Guitar Lessons for Beginners (1/2)
Easy Country Guitar Lessons for Beginners (1/2)
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