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Music lessons Columbia SC

During the school year, the COST of private music lessons is
$86 per month
. The cost is the same each month, whether
you have 4 or 5 lessons. This averages out to $20 per lesson.
There is no refund if you do not come. (Teachers are there
even if you aren't!) We do try to provide make up lessons.

We are open Monday - Wednesday of Thanksgiving week but
closed Thursday - Saturday of that week, and closed the last
2 weeks of December.

We stay open for most of the Monday National Holidays to give
our Monday students the opportunity to stay at the same level
as their peers.

During the months of June - August you tell us when you plan
to be at lessons and you are charged only for the lessons you

You are expected to have an instrument at home for practice.

Other expenses are lesson books (cost varies by instrument),
a metronome, and (for guitar) a guitar tuner.


PIANO: 5 years through adults

VIOLIN, VIOLA, CELLO: 5 years through adults

GUITAR: 8 years through adults

RECORDER: 8 years through adults

VOICE: 7 years through adults

FLUTE: 8 years through adult

BAND INSTRUMENTS: 8 years through adult

PERCUSSION: 8 years through adult

We will teach children younger than the ages specified,
on a case by case basis. We will interview the student
to make sure he/she is ready and motivated. If a

Guitar Lessons In Columbia SC USA (Blues In C Jam)
Guitar Lessons In Columbia SC USA (Blues In C Jam)
Columbia SC Music Lessons
Columbia SC Music Lessons
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