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  • $25 for 30 minutes
  • $40 for 60 minutes
  • $25 per person or $30 per family Annual Registration Fee

100% goes to the Music Center at City Arts which is a division of Greensboro Parks and Rec. The money is used for piano tuning, copies, accompanist fee for recitals… It is put to great use!


Lessons are in Studio 311 at the Greensboro Cultural Center, 200 N. Davie Street, Greensboro, NC 27401

Whether you are browsing for a teacher or about to begin lessons, this will provide answers to your questions.

A little about my teaching philosophy…

I truly believe that if you love to sing, then you should sing.

Each student is unique – I have goals and a master plan in mind for you. Regardless of the style of music a student prefers to sing, technique will be taught to guide the healthiest production possible. There are some rules to the game, but, once you learn them, you can tag in and have some fun.

Although I assign music for students, I strongly urge students to bring in music that they want to work on. I love to set goals so that we always feel like we are working toward something. This is a team effort – my students define what they want to get out of voice lessons so we can get there together —- always with a good dose of humor served up on the side!

A little about the technique I teach…

Students will be taught a Bel Canto approach to singing.

Isn’t that for opera singers?

Well, yes… however, I currently have a studio made up of classical singers, folk singers, musical theatre singers and belters, Gospel singers, country singers, rockers, and choral singers… each one is taught the same technique and each one sounds perfectly appropriate in their genre.

Bel Canto is a style of singing with roots in Italian opera, but at the core, it is a natural way of singing that allows the individual beauty and uniqueness of a voice to blossom and grow. Bel Canto singing will not strain or wear your voice out; even though physically you may be tired {singing is an endurance sport!} It is an extension of your speaking voice and should be just as free and easy.

I like to say that your singing voice is your speaking voice, but in slow motion, and with lots of air!

The Estelle Liebling Vocal Course series is my preferred collection of vocal exercises.

A little about me…

  • I’ve been teaching privately since 2000 – voice & basic keyboard skills.
  • In addition I have taught in public and private school settings in the areas of voice, choir, and general music as well as band and orchestra.
  • A freelance dramatic and vocal coach, I have consulted and worked with high school drama programs and community summer arts festivals.
  • I am an active performer – I teach from experience!
  • Students have performed locally with Triad Stage, Community Theatre of Greensboro, Drama Center at City Arts, Theatre Alliance, Oratorio Society, Greensboro Youth Chorus, Triad Pride Men’s Chorus, and area churches and schools just to name a few.
  • Students have successfully auditioned for performing arts high schools, undergraduate voice and musical theatre programs, made it several rounds into American Idol auditions, and finally got the nerve to do the solo at church that they have always dreamed of.

My education includes…

  • Bachelor of Music in Education – Voice
    Minor- Piano
    D’Angelo School of Music at Mercyhurst University – Erie, PA
  • Master of Music – Vocal Performance
    University of North Carolina – Greensboro, NC

With additional training at:

Wesley Balk Music-Theatre Institute -St. Paul, MN

American Institute of Musical Studies – Graz, Austria

American Singers’ Opera Project – Winston-Salem, NC

What to expect in the first voice lesson

Regardless of your experience, everyone starts the first lesson the same way –

Singing! I ask that you come ready to sing something – anything at all! No need to stress over this – it can be Happy Birthday, your favorite hymn, ‘Don’t Cry for me Argentina’, or your favorite Beatles tune. I just want to hear you sing!

Breathing! We will dive right in to connecting your voice to your breath.

Vocalizing! We will ‘play’ with our voices and explore vocal range and ease in matching pitch.

As lessons progress basic keyboard skills and musicianship will be developed. Whether or not you can read music when you start, you’ll be well on your way in no time at all in that is one of your goals. Singers are musicians, too! Depending on the interest of each student, this can be a bigger or smaller part of the lessons. We’ll find what is right for you in your vocal and musical education.

And just in case you are wondering…

Students in my studio have ranged in age from elementary school to retirement, complete novice to advanced musician. It is never too late to give it a go, but when you are starting out early, there are things to keep in mind.

What is too young for voice lessons?

Depending on the student, I will take students as young as fourth grade, and sometimes younger, into my studio, but, what we do together is very different than what I do with a student in their teens and older.

To put it simply, little bodies aren’t ready for technically demanding vocal training until their muscles have had time to develop and grow – a lot of coordination needs to happen between the breath, the vocal chords, the brain… it can be frustrating as well as damaging to push young singers too soon. Beyond that, when you factor in limited attention spans, and that we are taking something that is ‘fun’ and making it seem like ‘work’, singing can become something dreaded very quickly.

That said there are lots of things we can do together. I draw upon my experience as a music educator to build a solid musical foundation for young singers. Keyboard skills, note reading, musical terms, and interval training will be incorporated in each lesson. Singing will be guided in a holistic approach that encourages healthy habits. This is a great way to build confidence and allow children to express themselves. And, they will be learning that hard work can be really fun!

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