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Feel more comfortable and enjoy expressing yourself with your singing voice! In this class, you’ll receive warm, supportive guidance, building camaraderie with fellow students and the teacher as we begin with a solid foundation in technique and then apply those basic ideas in guided group singing of classic songs. Topics covered include fundamentals of posture and breathing, vowels and consonants, resonance and tone, as well as basic principles of singing a song. We’ll craft an opening warm-up with exercises that will begin the development of your voice and then have fun using the skills we cover to sing songs.

Singing for People Who Can't Sing class

Mon 7-8:15 pm; Lauren Ona @ Center for New Music 4/11-6/27 spcant.CTue 8-9 pm; Lauren Ona 4/12-6/21 spcant

You know who you are! But this class will prove you wrong, as you begin to gain control of your voice through simple exercises and ear training. By the end of eleven weeks you'll see improvement and enjoy increased confidence. (Note: tuition for Center for New Music class is $320, not $260.)

Singing I with Libby Lavella class

Thu 6-7 pm; Libby Lavella @ Noe Valley 4/14-6/23 s1LL.N

You think you can't sing and have no experience, but there's something there! This class will prove you can sing, as you learn the fundamentals of the voice as an instrument through simple exercises and group songs. By the end of eleven weeks you'll know what is involved in making your voice "sing."

Vocal Technique with Raz Kennedy class

Tue 8-9 pm; Raz Kennedy 4/12-6/14 vt.rk

For experienced singers, this class is an overview of the basic principles needed to sing expressively and unhindered, utilizing a comprehensive method which provides an effective, safe and healthy approach to singing which is applicable to any musical dynamic, genre and style.

Learn to Sing II: Group and Solo Singing class

Thu 7:15-8:30 pm; Janak Ramachandran 4/14-6/23 ls2

Continue your vocal development with progressively more challenging exercises and group singing of songs designed to hone the techniques learned in the opening class of the Learn To Sing series. Topics explored in greater detail include harmony and interval training, singing into the bridge, and range development. In our last few sessions, you will have the opportunity to bring material of your own choosing to sing, receiving supportive guidance with concrete ideas to practice in improving your song delivery! New students with previous technique instruction may join Learn to Sing II with teacher's approval.

Learn to Sing IV: Finding Your Style and Using a Mic class

Wed 8:15-9:30 pm; Janak Ramachandran 4/13-6/22 ls4

After a few sessions adding new exercise ideas (and embellishing older ones) as well as group singing of songs that address tools of style, the majority of this class will focus on individual material with an opportunity to work with a microphone and practice stylistic techniques that enhance the emotional delivery of a song. We will continue to use opening warm-ups and exercises developed over the four classes in the Learn to Sing series to strengthen our technique and prepare for a move to the stage in the next class. New students with previous technique instruction may join Learn to Sing IV with teacher's approval.

Singing II with Libby Lavella class

Thu 7-8:15 pm; Libby Lavella @ Noe Valley 4/14-6/23 s2LL.N

For those who have taken Singing I with Libby, this class will continue to work on vocal technique with more in-depth explanation and a broader range of exercises. With group work and some one-on-one instruction and solo singing, you'll gain confidence as you experience your own improvements and witness the improvements of others.

Singing III with Libby Lavella class

Thu 8:15-9:30 pm; Libby Lavella @ Noe Valley 4/14-6/23 s3LL.N

Singing III is the next best thing to private instruction. These sessions will introduce vocal performance with more attention to detail and exercises tailor-made for each singer. We will cover how to build strength, improve tone, and sing with more confidence. Open to four people by consent of instructor.

Continuing Voice with Lauren Ona class

Mon 8:15-9:30 pm; Lauren Ona @ Center for New Music 4/11-6/27 cvC

Graduates of Lauren's Can't and Can Sing classes will apply the vocal techniques previously covered to both group and solo singing, refining and expanding their understanding of good tone production.

More Singing for People Who Can Sing class

Wed 7:15-8:30 pm; Lea Centauri 4/13-6/22 spcan2

This class is for graduates of Singing for People Who Can Sing. You'll continue work on harmonic ear, vowel embellishment, inner music, vocal tuning, scales for strengthening the voice, increasing vocal range, breathing, singing triplets and individual presentation of songs.

Vocal Technique II with Raz Kennedy

Tue 7-8 pm; Raz Kennedy 4/12-6/14 vt2.rk

This class will continue to work with class members on refining technique. For students who have worked with Raz before in Vocal Technique I or in private lessons.

Rock/Pop Vocal Performance class

Thu 6-7:15 pm; Janak Ramachandran 4/14-6/23 rpvp

Designed as a follow-on class to Janak's Voice series and for vocalists working in a band or Band Workshop (or preparing for one), this class will give students the opportunity to work material of their choosing. The vocal style component will guide students in how to affect the vocal delivery of songs from varying genres with an emphasis on tools that bring the emotional content of the lyric to life. The stage presence section of the class will introduce students to techniques from the acting world that allow the student to marry the emotional choices they are making vocally with stage movement and behavior. It all culminates in a performance at the end of the class at the quarterly adult Rockcital! This class is, ideally, for students with some vocal training and can be repeated as needed.

Beginning Jazz Vocals class

Wed 6-7:15 pm; Lea Centauri 4/13-6/22 bjv

This class will introduce you to the repertoire and the stylistic approaches taken by both classic and contemporary jazz singers. You'll sing to music-minus-one recordings and receive one-on-one coaching on presentation and technique. Class limit of four.

Jazz Vocal Performance class

Sat 1:30-3 pm; Sharman Duran 4/16-6/18 jvp

In this all-singing class, intermediate to advanced vocalists will rehearse and perform a repertoire of jazz songs with expert piano accompaniment. Includes one rehearsal with bass and drums in preparation for a performance in a San Francisco jazz club. Open to singers who are new to jazz as well as those who are familiar with the repertoire. (10 weeks plus performance; class limit of five.)

Make Your First Demo class

Wed 8-9:30 pm; Erin Tadena 4/13-6/22 myfd
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