Regan Coaching

Gig Harbor Guitar lessons

I offer lessons in:
  • Arranging
  • Pop Bass
  • Rock Bass
  • Funk / R&B Bass
  • Composition
  • Conga
  • Jazz Drums
  • Rock Drums
  • Ear Training
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Classical Guitar
  • Jazz Guitar
  • Electric / Rock Guitar
  • Improvisation
  • Pop / Rock Keyboard
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Intermediate Music Theory
  • Advanced Music Theory
  • Percussion
  • Jazz Piano
  • Classical Piano
  • Popular Piano
  • Songwriting

I also have these skills:

  • Audio Engineering
  • Audio Production
Interested in taking lessons with Lynne?

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Lynne May Offering private lessons in
Gig Harbor, Washington
My name is Lynne and my greatest pleasure is music. There is no greater gift that we can give our children and ourselves than the gift of music. As Rachmaninoff put it, "Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music".

My Teaching Background
I began studying music at the age of 3 years and have been enjoying it since that first lesson. In addition to formal music education, I have acquired musical wisdom and expertise from performing nationwide for 15 years
and from teaching professionally for 25 years.

My Teaching Philosophy
My feeling is that the lessons must be tailored to the individual student. My students teach me how to teach them. Many of them really want to play the music that they listen to and love and I try to make that possible for them. Some of them like to bring in their ipods and learn from their own music. I am more than happy to accommodate them.
Others prefer a more "traditional" experience and that is fine too. I try to help my students to become musicians within a framework that they can enjoy. The only thing that I expect from them is that they approach their lessons with enthusiasm and a cheerful attitude.
In addition to individual lessons, students may participate in monthly band sessions. Here they learn to apply the skills they have acquired in their lessons by playing in a band with others of their own age and ability level. Last year at our annual outdoor concert and cookout, we had 7 bands. The families and friends of the students enjoy it as much as do the students. In addition, we have a formal piano recital each Spring.

Rates And Availability
Piano, guitar, and drum studios are located at my home address. In addition, a fully equipped band practice room is available to the students. Concerts are held on an outdoor stage located in a small park on my property.
I offer lessons in guitar, bass, drums and keyboards/piano. I also offer help to students who want to sing with the bands.
Because of the specialized equipment that I use, I am unable to travel to students' homes. Lesson fees are best discussed in person.

Visit the studio website

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Guitar lessons, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Guitar lessons, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Quality Private Music Lessons in Gig Harbor
Quality Private Music Lessons in Gig Harbor
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