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Lessons for piano Beginners

Free beginner piano lessons

Welcome to your first ten free beginner piano lessons!

If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on a piano and just start playing it, you’re in the right place! Can’t read music? No problem. In this beginner’s section,
we won’t need to read music. We’ll play music. And no, not the complicated classical music that is generally taught in most piano courses. We won’t need to figure out any black and white dots, or memorize the lines and spaces on a staff. We won’t concern ourselves with whole steps or half steps, time signatures or key signatures. And we definitely will not “see sharp”, nor will we “be flat”. Here we’ll throw the note reading out the window, and focus our energy on genuine hands-on keyboard exercises. These free beginner piano lessons are designed to develop your mechanical abilities on the piano and increase your understanding of the piano keyboard. In fact, if you approach these beginner piano lessons one at a time in sequential order, you will become an excellent keyboard player way before we get to the note reading section. Just select the piano lesson you
need from this drop down menu: Or if you’d prefer to read a brief description for each of these free beginner piano lessons, just scroll down: Continuing with our right hand, we'll do three more 5-finger note patterns. The goal here is to keep your eyes on the online chalkboard as you strike the correct note on your piano keyboard. When you want to hear how the patterns should sound, or if you simply want to play along with the demo, click the "Play" button to see and hear how the notes should be played. If you're right-handed, this next set of free beginner piano lessons may prove to be a bit of a challenge. Following the unique numbering system for the left hand, we'll play two 15-note chalkboard exercises. The goal here is to play the notes smoothly and evenly while trying not to look down at your fingers
Get ready to make some music! This next group of free beginner piano lessons is sure to challenge your level of concentration and ambidexterity. Using both hands together, we'll slowly begin to play a series of simple, but melodic tunes with the right hand playing the lead and the left hand adding harmony.
Let's play another simple set of double-handed exercises. But this time we'll put most of the emphasis on our left hand, while our right hand plays a less frequent line of notes. Our goal here is to play the busier left-hand notes smoothly and evenly underneath the harmonizing notes of our right hand.
Here's where things start to get a little tricky. This time both hands will be just as busy playing separate note sequences at the same time! These free beginner piano lessons will not only challenge your hand-to-hand coordination, they will also test your knowledge of the "numbered fingering system".
Ok, this next exercise may make you a little dizzy. So be careful. Yes, it’s still simple... but not as simple. In this lesson, each hand must play a separate sequence of 30 notes simultaneously, and is easily the most challenging of our free beginner piano lessons so far. The cool thing is, if you play this exercise correctly, you will actually hear two separate melodies being played at the same time!
Now it’s time to see how well you’re doing. Here we’ll take a brief online piano exam to test our keyboarding and sight-reading skills. But don’t worry. You’ll have a whole two minutes to play 100 piano notes using both hands. Now come on... you didn’t think these 10 free beginner piano lessons were for nothing, did you? Good. Oh, and by the way... you will be receiving a grade on your performance. So let’s get started!
Here we will apply everything we’ve learned so far and begin to play three challenging piano songs. These songs are not your typical “Mary Had a Little Lamb” type of songs. These are complete musical compositions (written by me) and will require all the skills and technique you have developed so far. Now if you’re in the mood for
something a little more advanced...
Let Me Show You How to Play
One of My Favorite Songs: “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz
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