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To follow up our article on Youtube keyboard tutorials, here's one for you budding guitarists. Whether you're learning electric or acoustic guitar, many of the skills are the same, and you should find something here to help. Here are 15 Youtube videos that will give you something to practice.

Again, the videos start pretty basic. If you're new to guitar, start at the top. But the tutorials get more difficult and interesting from there. Jump to the end if you want to learn some advanced tips from the experts. Let us know in the comments which videos you found most helpful. And if you know of a better guitar tutorial video, leave the link in the comments.

1. Learning Guitar Beginners Lesson #1

"First in a series of video lessons, designed to teach even the most inexperienced guitar player the basics and eventually more advanced techniques. "

2. Learning Guitar Beginners Lesson #2

"In this lesson we will take a further look at the staff and begin learning what notes go where, and we will learn our 1st songs."

3. Beginner Guitar Lesson: Beginning Scales

"This lesson will cover the first set of scales I teach students regardless of what type of music they are interested in playing."

4. Learn Guitar Strumming Patterns - Part 1: The Basics

"Those just learning guitar will benefit most from this easy to apply video lesson on strumming patterns. Check out more helpful tips, lessons, and resources at:"

5. Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson Spice Up that Bluesy Playing

"In this lesson we teach an acoustic blues lesson on how to spice up some blues progressions and move around the guitar neck. Works with electric guitars also."

6. Tommy Emmanuel Hammer On / Pull Off Lesson

"Tommy giving us another little lesson."

7. Tommy Emmanuel Guitar Lesson

"Joking on the alternating bass practice." This is a great video, but has very low volume.

8. Guitar Lesson Tommy Emmanuel Harmonics Lesson

"Tommy Emmanuel Harmonics Lesson. This guy is so good. It's a gift."

9. Learn Guitar Lesson Lynyrd Skynyrd Les Paul Southern Rock

"Learn guitar lesson Lynyrd Skynyrd inspired Southern Rock guitar lesson
Les Paul."

10. Learn How to Play Like Metallica - Guitar Tuning

"How to play like Metallica does it! This is the different tunings they use. From the the Metallica Guitar Licks 1988-1997 DVD."

11. Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Lesson

"Stevie gives a lesson."

12. Speed Kills - Metal Method Guitar Lesson DVD

"Speed Kills is the original neoclassical shred guitar lesson. It's now available on DVD. This video guitar lesson is the ultimate in shred technique featuring sweep arpeggios, alternate picking, and alternative picking. This is a demonstration from the Speed Kills DVD available at Please remember, this is a demonstration from the guitar lesson. It is not a lesson."

13. Joe Satriani's Guitar Tips

"Joe Satriani's tips to become a better player."

Beginners Guitar Lessons Bossa Rhythm YouTube
Beginners Guitar Lessons Bossa Rhythm YouTube
Beginner Guitar Lessons youtube-How to play guitar
Beginner Guitar Lessons youtube-How to play guitar
Beginner Guitar Lesson #1 Guitar Basics YouTube
Beginner Guitar Lesson #1 Guitar Basics YouTube
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