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Piano lessons Kalamazoo

Piano Lab at the YMCACreative expression, musical exploration, skill development, self-discipline and self-esteem are just a few of the benefits of participating in Gilmore Piano Labs.

Through computerized keyboards, quality curriculum and qualified, energetic instructors and music therapists, several hundred students in the greater Kalamazoo area enjoy piano lessons twice a week and seize the opportunity for after-school practice – students who would not otherwise have the opportunity to learn to play the piano.

Piano Lab at the Maple Street YMCA

Maple Street YMCA Piano Lab

The Gilmore is proud to introduce a new Piano Lab at Maple Street YMCA. We are excited to offer classes for middle school students for the first time. Details are listed in the attached Y Life Fall 2015 Brochure, and below:

Course Description

Two Piano Lab classes are now available for middle school students:

  • Level 1 – Small group piano lessons for students with no previous piano experience.
  • Level 2 – Small group piano lessons for students who have previously studied piano either with Gilmore’s elementary school piano labs, or with a private teacher.

Classes meet once per week for 45 minutes, with a variety of times available Monday-Thursday from 2:00 – 5:00 PM. Digital pianos, music, and folders are provided. The 14 week class culminates in a public recital for students and families. The cost for the class is $30 for YMCA members and $45 for non-members.

Kalamazoo Public Elementary Schools

Gilmore Piano Labs are currently offered at Woods Lake and Spring Valley Elementary Schools.

Students are selected in collaboration with KPS Administration, student desire and teacher/parent endorsement. Due to gracious support from corporations, businesses, foundations and anonymous donors, schools are assessed only a small fee for the operation of the Piano Labs, and students pay only a minimal registration fee.


To register your student, please print and complete a registration form (see below) for each student. A representative from The Gilmore will be in touch with you upon receipt of your form.

Alternatively, you can register online for Piano Labs by filling out and digitally submitting a form online:

Participation in Gilmore Piano Labs includes:

  • Two 30-minute sessions each week
  • Access to an after-school practice program
  • Periodic progress reports
  • Twice yearly school recitals
  • Assessments from participants as well as teachers, parents and administration

Kalamazoo County Juvenile Home

The Gilmore Piano Lab provides these young individuals the opportunity to integrate music into the classroom as an academic tool, learn multiple instruments, and write and record original music. In the classroom, music is used to reinforce academic concepts and more importantly, increase participation. Using music therapy as a basis, the Juvenile Home Keyboard Lab offers a safe and productive way to express the wide range of emotions that many youth experience.

Participation in the Juvenile Home Gilmore Piano Lab includes:

  • A combination of private and group instruction to support each student’s individual needs and to develop skills for working together in a recording studio
  • Participation in school events to share their recordings and performances with their teachers and their peers
  • Music brought to the classroom to improve participation, engagement, and retention of information learned
  • Recordings of students’ work for students to keep at program conclusion

Kalamazoo RESA Young Adult Program

Collaborating with the Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency, whose services include providing a range of transition services to young people with disabilities ages 17-26, the Gilmore Piano Lab teaches the basics of music and rhythm through the piano, percussion and music technology. Aligning with the principles of the Young Adult Program, adult living skills are practiced and supported by giving the students recreational music making skills. Music therapy is used to support communication in social settings through popular drum circle exercises.

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