Silent Night – Beginner Guitar

Silent Night Piano lessons

Learn to play Silent Night while exploring the piano notes on the treble clef. This lesson offers playing tips for this Christmas classic as well as alternative chord substitutions for spicing up your arrangement.

Piano notes for familiar songs.

Learning to read by using familiar songs is helpful for ear training as you can hear when you have made a mistake.

It is also helpful to sit down at the keyboard and try to pick out familiar melodies you have running around in your head without reading them. This will also help in training your ear.

The goal is to one day hear a song and be able, with your knowledge of and to sit at the keyboard and pick out the piano notes for the melody and be able to find the right left hand harmony chords.

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Let's start with this Christmas classic.

Helpful playing notes.

Right hand fingering.

You will notice I have added fingering numbers in places where you will need to shift your right hand.

The song start with 3rd finger on G.

Fifth finger on D in measure #4.

Third finger on A in measure #8.

Third finger on D in measure #17.

Fifth finger on C in measure#21.

3/4 time signature.

Remember in the 3/4 time signature also called "waltz time", there will be three beats or counts for each measure and a quarter not receives one count.

Watch for the tied notes and be sure to hold them for the duration of both notes.

Left hand magic.

Much of the fun you will have playing piano using in in creating interesting left hand parts.

This takes time to develop if you are a beginner but keep at it and you will see improvement.

At a minimum you will want to play at least a block chord where indicated in the music and on beat one of most measures.

Try using in addition to the block chords or as a substitute.

A standard left hand waltz pattern would be to play the root note on beat one and a chord on beat two and three using the simple chords in black.

Want some "hipper" chords?

Try using the chord substitutions I have provided in RED. They will add to your pallet of musical colors.

Best Home Study for "Ear Players"

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