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5495422691_249bea4bd0_bBass Guitar Courses at the London Music School

At the London Music School we run a variety of unique and challenging bass guitar courses, from our one year BTEC National Award in Music Performance, to our own LMS Performance and Production Courses. We also offer a variety of part-time courses, and an intensive two-week Summer Course. Our full time courses begin every year in April and October, with new part time courses starting each January, April, July and October. Enrolment is now open for our full time Diploma Courses commencing in April and October 2016. All of our courses are unique and flexible, placing emphasis on what each individual student needs in order to develop their technical ability and practical experience as a musician. We always place emphasis on the need to perform and our students gain varied experience in solo performance, session playing, accompaniment skills and playing in a band.

Directed by experienced bass player and educator Derek Baxter, our courses aim to take students on a rewarding journey through contemporary music education as they develop their skill and confidence with their instrument. Derek’s years of experience as both a teacher and professional musician have given him skilful knowledge of diverse styles of playing – from rock through to Latin and blues. Our courses place emphasis on the need to perform and students will gain experience in live performance, session playing and playing as part of a band.

Course Subjects

All of our full time bass guitar courses cover the key areas of technical skill associated with playing the bass, such as use of the fingerboard, applied fingerboard harmony, time and groove, slap and dead note finger funk, walking bass, soloing, harmonics etc. The London Music School offers unrivalled one-to-one tuition, harmony and theory classes, and song-writing and sight-reading lessons. Full time courses include frequent participation in group workshops, rhythm workshops and recording sessions, giving students the opportunity to widen their experience in live performance and recording settings, working with other musicians and accompanying vocalists.

Full Time BTEC Level Three Diploma in Music (Performing)

BTEC Level Three Subsidiary Diploma in Music (Performing)

BTEC courses and certificates are recognized throughout the world. At the London Music School we teach BTEC National Level 3, a course recognised within the national university system that focuses on live ensemble and solo performance, instrumental/vocal technique, developing and planning a music project, musicianship and organising gigs, aural perception and improvisation. The course lasts for one year and commences in October. It is comprised of six core modules, along with a number of extra classes designed by the School.

In contrast to BTEC courses in other schools, the London Music School has added to the course its own unique range of lessons and extras. BTEC students receive one-to-one classes every week, as we feel individual tuition is essential in ensuring students fulfill their potential on their instrument. We also teach harmony and theory and sight-reading as additions to the BTEC standard curriculum, as we feel they are crucial in allowing our students to develop as musicians. As students of the London Music School, BTEC participants also gain access to the use of our school facilities and professional recording studios at no extra cost, and have the opportunity to perform in a live gig every month.

Core Modules

1. Music Performance Techniques
2. Music Project
3. Planning a Music Project
4. Aural Perception Skills
5. Improvising Music
6. Working and Developing as a Music ensemble


1. One-to-one class every week
2. Harmony and theory classes
3. Sight reading
4. Song-writing
5. Live gig every month
6. Live performance every week
7. Group workshops

The BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Music (Performance) provides students with the skills necessary to become working and performing musicians. Covering aspects such as live performance, improvisation and recording, through to skills such as organizing gigs, working with other musicians and vocalists, and designing your image and website, the course provides a broad and practical education for future musicians.

Entry Requirements

Acceptance on this course is subject to an initial assessment or audition. As a guideline, you should be around grade three in your instrument and in your knowledge of harmony and theory. Auditions can be held at the school, or can be sent as a CD, music file or video to the school office. Course requirements are guidelines only; you will be assessed on your musicality and ability to complete the course.

London Bass Guitar Lessons Testimonial
London Bass Guitar Lessons Testimonial
Guitar Lessons in London Video Blog - Episode 9 "New bass!"
Guitar Lessons in London Video Blog - Episode 9 "New bass!"
beginner bass guitar lesson last train to london E.L.O
beginner bass guitar lesson last train to london E.L.O ...
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