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Apple Piano lessons

*** Featured as one of "The best piano apps for iPad" - AppPicker.com ***

Piano Tutor for iPad is the best companion to your music lessons!!

"This is a great app to keep my piano students productive while they wait for their siblings to finish their lesson, or just to shake things up every once in a while!" - DanaKate
"Brilliant. Great way to improve sheet reading. Very simple and easy to use too." - krb06
"Fantastic app for beginners. It's great for learning the keys through sight reading. Also has easy piano tunes to play." - fitzszy
"Fun way to practice. Came across this as I was researching ways to complement my piano lessons. It lets me keep up with practicing even when I am not at my piano. Has definitely helped! App works very smoothly and self explanatory." - Ramitri
"Love this app, use it constantly, can't say enough good about it" - Desert Pete
"Outstanding app for learning notes by sight and sound." - KPX7873
"I purchased Piano Tutor for my 7 year old as he is struggling with learning to read music. This was just the app that I was looking for. Works great as he is more motivated to sit down with the iPod than in front of the Piano. It is a great little app and he is making great progress." - Chris B

Now with optional larger piano key size!

This is the app you have been looking for! Now you can practice your piano skills anywhere with your iPad / iPhone. Piano Tutor is highly recommended by Piano Teachers, and is used by all ages from little kids to seniors. This application lets you practice sight reading in a super fun way!

Piano Tutor for iPad offers more playing modes than any other similar apps, it is the funnest way to learn piano!

- 4 Game Modes:
- Music Sheet Reading Practice Mode
- Rhythm Timing Practice Mode
- Pitch Recognition Mode
- Song Playing Mode
- MIDI Keyboard support: You can plug in any supported MIDI keyboard, and play the proper keys from your real physical piano or from the on screen keyboard. (Requires Apple camera connection kit or other Midi input such as iRig Midi)
- Range Selection: Practice common treble and bass notes, higher treble notes, or lower bass notes
- Key signatures selection: Select a particular signature or choose a random one
- Multiple Device support: Runs on both iPad, and iPhone / iPod Touches
- Optional key hint labels
- Game length control
- High score tracking
- Realistic and beautiful piano sounds

What's New in Version 7.2

iOS 9 support + fixes

Just what I needed!

by Ceshew

I have been trying to learn to read music my entire life as a professional musician and have always had a block against it as I am a self taught, play by ear type of player.

I recently decided it was time to buckle down and finally do the work it will take to learn to read. This app is a godsend for me!! Between my iPad and my iPhone, I can practice up my reading and ear training skills anytime and anywhere!

I've just started working with this app and already I am seeing steady improvement. This app has everything I need. Thank you for creating it!!!


by Deerkiller54321

I loved this app its so fun i am a piano student and ive had a hard time reading the staff on the base cluff well now i can i bought this app hoping it would work and it did! Now i can play most amazing songs on the base cluff Thanks to this app
if your think about getting this app you should it has really helped me :)๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

Helps me brush up

by Actorgrl

I used to really well versed in music and music theory, but have fallen way down since I haven't done any intense musical performances or training in about 6 years. This app has been a great way to practice basic rhythm and sight reading skills on the go.


  • Updated:
  • Size: 24.9 MB
  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
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PGN Piano Lessons In Mobile App - Learn How!
PGN Piano Lessons In Mobile App - Learn How!
Best Piano Lessons Hits NETIGEN
Best Piano Lessons Hits NETIGEN
50in1 Piano Lessons
50in1 Piano Lessons
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