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What about voice lessons for children?


Get your child started the right way, with the best vocal technique available! Kids are going to be singing anyway, so it makes sense to start them off right, with healthy, fun, and correct vocal development at Sing Like a Star Studios!

At SLaS we give your child the healthiest and most effective vocal training available- and we make it fun too! Each child is different- some kids are ready for more intense training and development and others are simply exploring music for fun and enrichment. We meet the child where they are at their level of interest and development to encourage greater interest in music and singing. We offer piano or guitar lessons as part of the package- learning an instrument along with singing creates a more well-rounded education.

Our program is not like the typical voice lesson, which consists of singing a couple of random “warm-up” exercises and then singing a song several times with no plan for addressing vocal issues.

Our program meets the child where they are, and, while making singing fun, is designed to specifically develop the voice in a healthy yet effective way. While we don’t believe in time-bound objectives in singing for children, we do believe in having a plan and knowing where you eventually want to be.

We don’t just vocalize in lessons-we sing songs too! We balance having fun and singing songs with clear objectives and specific exercises for vocal improvement. The balance of fun and work in each lesson varies with the age of the child and their personality.

All curriculum is taught from the textbook YOU Can Sing Like a Star! by Tricia Grey, MM and is based on The Eight Steps of Vocal Development, a healthy, sequential skill-building course with specific objectives and measurable outcomes. You can ask your teacher at any time about your child’s progress and you will get a specific answer related to the educational objectives of the steps. Some voices will respond more quickly to instruction and others respond more gradually, but everyone eventually learns all the singing skills in The Eight Steps of Vocal Development.

image77All Sing Like a Star Associates pass rigorous testing and coursework to remain certified to teach at Sing Like a Star; that coursework is based on the latest research in vocal science- the foundation of the SLaS Eight Steps of Vocal Development approach.

This document answers all your questions about lessons at SLaS.

2. Register and pay for a GETTING TO KNOW YOU (GTKY) introductory session with the teacher of your choice. Read about the teachers by clicking one of the links below:

*Choose (if your child is highly motivated or considering becoming a professional singer) or an (if you have financial constraints or are just exploring singing for fun).

At the Getting to Know You (GTKY) Introductory Session, your teacher will evaluate your child’s voice, find a spot in their regular weekly schedule, and reserve your first month of sessions (if you decide you want to commit to the lessons).

The purpose of the GETTING TO KNOW YOU (GTKY) introductory session is…

for your SLaS instructor to:

1. Professionally evaluate your child’s voice and share with you our plan to address your unique vocal challenges with the SLaS Eight Steps of Vocal Development Program.

2. Provide you with a sample of what the SLaS lesson experience is like.

image753. Give you the opportunity to commit to regular weekly lessons in the teacher’s schedule if you would like to do so.

And for you to:

1. Receive a professional evaluation of your child’s voice, your current level of vocal technique, and a specific plan to address vocal challenges.

2. Discuss your child’s musical and career goals with us and receive feedback about how we can help you achieve them.

2. Reserve a weekly lesson time in your SLaS instructor’s schedule and prepay for your first month of sessions, (if you decide you would like to commit to the lessons).


1. Choose the location that is best for you: East Cobb, Alpharetta, or Online (or a combination of these!).

2. Choose the level of teacher you would like to work with: Master Teacher and studio owner Tricia Grey, MM or a highly qualified and trained SLaS Associate Teacher.

*Students who are highly motivated, pre-professional, or who think they might wish to become professional singers should invest in lessons with Tricia Grey, MM.

*Students of all ages who are exploring, taking singing lessons for fun, or who have financial constraints will love lessons with the SLaS Associate Teachers.

*Students from ages 3-8 should work with SLaS Associate Teacher Elaine Drennon Little, MFA, MEd, in our LITTLE STARS program.

*Students who also wish to include guitar, piano, songwriting, or studio recording should select the SLaS Instructor who offers these options.
After the GTKY, lessons are pre-paid monthly by automatic debit on the first day of the month, using the credit or debit card you registered for the GTKY with; we do not accept cash or checks at the lesson because we want to focus on your voice!

We use MINDBODY payment processing. MINDBODY is a PCI Compliant Level 1 Service Provider. Both SLaS and MINDBODY, our merchant account service provider, meet all network and software requirements set in place by the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Rest assured: your payment information is completely secure with us.

Students take a minimum of one lesson per week, at the same time every week.

3. Register and pay for your G ETTING TO KNOW YOU (GTKY) Introductory Session.

*While we prefer that you register on our very secure online system using a debit or credit card, if you are uncomfortable providing that info before meeting us, you may register (for the GTKY introductory lesson only) with Paypal. All lessons after the introductory Getting to Know You session (GTKY) are pre-paid monthly, on the first day of the month, using your debit or credit card.

4. Confirm your GTKY by phone and by email.

Once you have submitted the online registration form and submitted payment to reserve the session, our support staff will contact you by phone within 24-48 hours with a proposed time for your GETTING TO KNOW YOU introductory session.

PHONE: Our staff will speak with you on the phone, to match your requested time with the closest available time in the teacher’s schedule. Since we are very booked, your first-choice teacher may not be available at your requested time. Our support staff will find an alternate time with the first-choice SLaS teacher or book you with another SLaS teacher who is available at your requested time. All our teachers are highly skilled.

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Mamak Khadem giving voice lessons to Golestan kids
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