Voice lessons Dallas

I would first like to say that I was born into a musical family. My Dad (choir director) and five older brothers were not only the majority of the choir in our large Catholic church, but Dad had a "tame" Frank Sinatra singing style. My mother played harmonica and piano by ear so acquiring musical intellects spread quickly to all of us. Most of my siblings sang and played instruments as we had a piano, guitar, organ, harmonica, trumpet, clarinet and a recorder to use as we pleased, with or without a music teacher.

I started singing and playing the piano at age four. With consistent encour

agement from my oldest sister (a professional organist for 40+ years), I learned piano and music theory while I was learning to read English, started guitar at eight. A natural born singer, I learned the basics of voice while in choir from middle school through high school while accompanying myself on piano or guitar when singing privately or for others. I wrote my first song at 17 and worked my way through college playing original music in coffee shops while earning my bachelors degree. After college, I started touring across the US (this was long before American Idol and the Internet when if you wanted to make it, you had to "pay your dues" on the road first). Working in the studio was always the most fun and challenging, my first original song got air play in 1990 (this was before CDs).

I received international distribution of my original music starting 2004; however, around that time I learned that performing was not my preferred way of providing service to others - teaching then become my passion. So while working for a local public school district as substitute teacher for general music classes (orchestra, band, choir as well), I was asked to write and teach a beginning songwriting class. From the very first day I had kids' attention wherever I went; and some of those students eventually recorded their own songs in studios.

After 30+ years of professional musicianship spanning across two continents (US and Germany) with originally produced music available on iTunes and two CDs on the market, I have found a unique way of teaching music to others. I especially enjoy teaching families (children, parents, grandparents, cousins, etc.) that want to learn to play a variety of instruments and music together. Married couples are wonderful to teach as well, I can usually get any combination of two or more people playing music together.

Annual recitals are every fall. I do not force anyone to play in the recital, however most everyone enjoys the experience.

*** Lesson Details ***
First of all, I'll need to know you or your children's goals, dreams and natural talent(s). What types of music do you love best? Are you more the serious type or fun-loving (I can work with both types of personalities but do require a respectful demeanor).

Lessons are once per week. It is extremely important to develop the brain, nervous system, physical coordination all together with momentum and repetitive physical movements; particularly, the first six months of learning.

I do book students on "Schedule-As-You-Go" but only if someone already knows an instrument and wants to take Combination Lessons: Voice/Piano or Voice/Guitar.

Please do not expect overnight success, hand/motor skills need to be developed and that doesn't occur with one or two lessons, unless you've had prior experience on your instrument and just need to refresh your brain's neural pathways.

If you are the creative type and wish to compose your own music, then by all means let me know as I teach not only composition, but arranging, music production, and the legal aspects of copyrights and distribution.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Piano lessons will be given on my grand piano. You will need your own guitar or ukulele, I will be using my Yamaha acoustic-electric classical nylon string guitar OR my Epiphone steel string guitar. Please see the photo noting the studio's microphones/vocal monitors, plus I have a variety of hand percussion. There are wide varieties of musical opportunities and experiences with me.

*** Specialties ***
Piano: Beginning/intermediate classical piano; pop, blues, jazz, hymns, praise music (piano/voice). Guitar: Beginning classical guitar (fingerpicking only), or beginning general guitar (notes, chords, fingerpicking, strumming, using a pick). Ukulele: Beginning note and strumming patterns. Voice: I can take you to professional levels!

Lastly, I would love to enroll students who want to learn Joni Mitchell's style of piano and guitar playing. She has never had any formal music training, only plays by ear, particularly on guitar she uses many open tuning inspired from sounds of nature (i.e., birdsongs, ocean waves, etc.).

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Voice Lessons at ScottSound Music of North Dallas -
Voice Lessons at ScottSound Music of North Dallas - www ...
Voice Lessons Dallas Texas ScottSound Music of North Dallas
Voice Lessons Dallas Texas ScottSound Music of North Dallas
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